• The PERFECT tool for the busy entrepreneur who's tired of neglecting their marketing when they get busy or run out of creativity.


...In a day (or less)

Ditch the templates and Mad-Libs-style "plug and play" swipe files and create a marketing plan that:

  • Uses your OWN words
  • Follows a PROVEN system to help convert your audience naturally
  • Can be built in a day or less



The Automated Marketing Planner uses a proven system to help you quickly and easily plan out months of conversion-focused marketing content.

How does it work? The 6-Step Process:


Set your goals for the year, determine who you want to serve, and what products or services you'll be offering them.

Step 1 - Set goals
Step 2 - Answer questions


Answer 16 questions about your offer using as much detail as possible. Each question corresponds to a specific marketing trigger that drives conversions. Your answers will be used to help you plan 3 months of content for your offer.


Set a Cart Open date for your offer, then use the "in your own words" prompts as a focal point for 3 pieces of Source Content that will help your audience make the transition from "Unknown" to "Product Aware". Your prompts will also help you determine what the best Opt-in Offer (or lead magnet) is for your main offer, as well as tell you what your sales message needs to include.

Step 3 - Plan your Source Content-v2
Step 4 -Plan your Weekly Content-v2


Hop on over to the Calendar layout to see everything you need to create - and when - to promote your offer. Then use the Weekly Themes to plan your emails and social posts.

(Optional - Export your plan to chosen task tracking software like Clickup, Trello, Monday, Asana, etc.)


Create your 3 Source Content pieces and your Opt-in Offer, then repurpose them for your planned weekly content.



Sit back and relax, knowing your content plan is DONE and you'll always know what to post. Then celebrate because it's all done using a proven and tested system that follows the natural progression of your audience from lead to client.

Tired of struggling to get content out when your strapped for time or your creativity is zapped?

Automated Marketing Planner 1


I'd spend so much of my days creating content for my clients, that I'd run out of time and creative energy to come up with something to post and send to my own audience.

Day after day, I'd put it off until "tomorrow," but tomorrow never came and months would pass without a single post.

I'd joke and laugh that my social media was a ghost town, and that I was the only email marketing specialist that didn't actively email my list on a regular basis.

But inside, I was wracked with guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

I knew there had to be a better way...

I've searched for YEARS for an adequate solution. I bought courses, frameworks, content prompts, and other tools from the biggest names in content creation.

Nothing felt right because they weren't MY WORDS

The frameworks didn't make sense and the prompts didn't align with my values.

And let's be real here...

all the content prompts in the world won't help you organize your posts in a logical progression or put them in a clear, easy-to-follow schedule.

But I do love a tough problem to solve. And automation.

So I set out to create a solution - one that would use my own words to automate a content creation and publishing schedule.

But I had another requirement. I didn't want to just be posting "whatever."

I wanted needed each post to lead to the next, so they could help my audience learn more about me and what I do. I needed my posts to get them interested in how I could help them.

I devised a way to turn my proven methods into a simple system that would create my OWN prompts, using my own words - that followed a natural progression of education and guidance.

So that everything I posted would do exactly what it needed to do at the exact time it needed to.


Get RESULTS from Your Posts & Marketing Efforts

The Automated Marketing Planner uses a proprietary system to help you quickly and easily plan out all your content (social posts, emails, blog posts, videos and sales pages) and marketing campaigns that engage readers and primes them for your offer, so you can actually see results - and profits - from your marketing efforts.

Map out your ENTIRE marketing strategy for the YEAR in just a few hours, instead of wracking your brain for days or weeks

Use YOUR OWN WORDS to create custom content prompts, so everything you post sounds like you.

Always know what you need to be working on or posting  - even when you're strapped for time or creative energy

Transition readers from followers & subscribers to PAYING CUSTOMERS naturally - without feelings salesy or pushy

Get a custom timeline of when you need to finish tasks like sales pages, promotional emails, ads, and when you need to start promoting for the best results

Easily export your tasks & custom prompts to your favorite task-tracking or calendar tool, like ClickUp, Asana, or Trello

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You won't regret any time invested with Trina!

Trina is a major changemaker in making a funnel that works. She has the unique ability to cut through the irrelevant information, myths, and self-induced inertia that roadblocks people from achieving success with funnels! She has been instrumental in opening my eyes as to the kinds of things I need to be doing to grow my company.  Highest recommendation here!

Rose Caiazzo

Social Media Secrets Club


I learned a LOT!

Every detail was explained and made so much sense! I learned more in a few hours than I learned searching Google for months! 

Pam Alvarado


Learn Proven Strategies From an 12-year Industry Veteran

Trina Waller is a Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in Email Marketing and Sales Funnels. Over the last 12 years, her campaigns have earned her clients over $12M in revenue.

She now focuses on teaching email and funnel strategies to small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Trina Waller

- Funnel Strategist & Presenter

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I highly recommend Trina!

I was completely clueless in regards to setting up my Email Campaign. With Trina's kind guidance and amazing talent, it was set up in no time and more importantly, I now have a much better understanding of the process.

Else Johnson



Keep Trina in your corner!

Trina has helped me IMMENSELY. Her knowledge far surpasses the "experts" out there. Keep Trina in your corner as you navigate. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Jenifer Narragon



Trina is the BOMB!

You NEED her! She is the BEST person to work with!

Krystal Binning


Clare Hale

You really know your stuff!

Thanks so much for this great presentation!

Claire Hale

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