Case Study: Profitable Yoga

How can automation restore your peace - and your finances?


Profitable Yoga* is a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Spiritual Business Coach, who unsurprisingly, coaches other Yoga business owners on how to be profitable. Profitable Yoga has been training yoga teachers and running spiritual retreats since 2016 and is the creator of a highly-sought and unique yoga teacher training program.

*Due to the sensitive information shared here, names have been changed to protect the identity of the business and it's students.

Prior to Covid, Profitable Yoga taught her signature program in person at various locations and retreats around the world, but with Covid shutting down live events and travel, she was looking for a way to transition her program to an online platform. She wasn’t sure of the best way to do it in a way that was convenient and profitable.

Profitable Yoga had been looking into various course hosting platforms but found them to be confusing, not intuitive to use, and cost-prohibitive.

At the time she reached out to me, despite having reached phenomenal successes previously, Profitable Yoga hadn’t been selling her trainings for several months, so needed a cost-effective way to get up and running quickly so she could start generating revenue again.

She also needed something that she could work with herself in the beginning, and then pass off to someone else in the future when she became profitable again.

Having previously invested heavily in various marketing strategies with minimal successes, Profitable Yoga was keen on taking control of her online assets and learning how to manage her own marketing as much as possible.


Profitable Yoga already had a very well established and developed website, but at the time she reached out to me, she hadn’t heard from or had any assistance from her web developer for over a year. 

After a lengthy discussion about Profitable Yoga's goals for the future of the business, we came up with a plan to move her website from her web developer’s hosting plan to one she manages herself.

As her main goal was to be autonomous, we also decided to integrate her course platform directly into her website using a dedicated Learning Management System, one that would make it easy to quickly transition from live trainings to online courses.

We also integrated a Sales Flow management system to make it easy for Profitable Yoga to promote, sell, and track her courses.


Being mindful of the limited budget available at the time, and Profitable Yoga's own goals to be more autonomous and rely less on service providers, the overall strategy needed to include a strong educational component that would set Profitable Yoga up to handle everything on her own, or train someone else when the time came.

Profitable Yoga also wanted to be up and running as quickly as possible, so I set out to migrate her site and prepare it to become her new course platform.

Once the technical aspects of upgrading her website and incorporating the LMS & Sales Flow system were completed, the framework of her signature program and her front-end sales flow for the program were built for her.

Afterward, Profitable Yoga received personalized in-depth training sessions on how to use the new tools to build and promote future programs, as well as several general training videos.


Over the course of 4 weeks, it took a financial investment of $1200 in service fees, plus hosting costs, and 15 hours of personal time investment to transition Profitable Yoga's offerings to her own digital platform, and to start generating sales. 


Since the platform launched in late July of 2020, Profitable Yoga has enrolled 75 students, generating $23,205 in revenue.



When we add up only the actual financial investment to transition this business, ($1,200 in service fees, plus $200 in hosting costs), the return on investment is an absolutely ridiculous 1657%.


But we can’t discount Profitable Yoga's time investment.

Even if we assign Profitable Yoga a generous $300 per hour for her time, ($4,500) and add the up-front financial costs of $1200 in service fees, $200 in hosting fees, it gives $5,900 as the investment to implement this pivot strategy, leaving Profitable Yoga with a net profit of $17,305 and an ROI of 293%.

And by automating the entire thing, Profitable Yoga is free to focus on building future programs and promoting her offerings or just enjoy her own yoga practice.


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