Quickly and Easily Create Email Campaigns that Engage Readers and Prime Them for Your



Learn a PROVEN and effective framework to quickly and easily create email campaigns that engage readers and primes them for your offer, so you can actually start turning your list into something profitable!

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Make More Money with Your Email List


C.A.R.E.S. Email Framework

FREE Email Marketing training that will show you how to turn your list into a consistent money-making asset.


You know you have to build your list, but it can often feel like you're working and harder and struggling more than you should to grow your list.

In this training, I'm going to share with you the exact framework I use to create engaging, profitable email campaigns that won't leave your subscribers feel like your personal walking ATM, but will still get them to buy.

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Your List is Your Gold Mine, but if it's not generating you any revenue...


Your email list is a valuable asset, but if it's not branded to YOU as the leader in your niche and isn't converting to SALES, then it's not worth much at all.

The hardest part is getting subscribers to take action and buy your offer. In this training, I'm going to show you how to create email campaigns that matter and actually get people buying from you.

Desperate businesswoman sitting at the desk with laptop and crumpled paper. Female office worker suffers because of too much mess in her thoughts. Stressed woman entrepreneur feeling creativity crisis

Stop Struggling to Get Your Email Campaigns Working.


Sometimes it seems impossible to get your readers to open and engage with your emails.

This training will show you how to structure your campaigns to turn your list into a community of raving fans that can't wait to read what comes next, and you'll learn how to transition your readers from subscribers to paying customers, naturally, without feeling salesy or pushy.

No More Struggling to Put it All Together.


Imagine having your ENTIRE email campaign mapped out in only a few hours, instead of wracking your brain for days or weeks because you'll know exactly what to send - and when - to transition your audience from readers to clients.

This training will give you the tools to do exactly that.



Your Business is Worth More

Learn a proven email marketing framework that will help you:

Grow your list.

Engage your subscribers.

Increase your revenue.

WITHOUT feeling:




Discover an effective and PROVEN framework to take you from idea to launch in less than a day.


I'll show you how to quickly and easily create email campaigns that engage readers and primes them for your offer using a simple, easy-to-follow, and reliable framework. A framework that can work in any niche and for any business, whether you're a new or experienced marketer.


Meet the Presenter

Trina Waller

Trina Waller

Trina Waller is a Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in Email Marketing and Sales Funnels. Over the last 10 years, her campaigns have earned over $8M in revenue for her clients.

She now focuses on teaching email and funnel strategies to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

    Just some of my Happy Clients

    Free Email Marketing Training 1

    "Trina has helped me IMMENSELY. Her knowledge far surpasses the "experts" out there. I hired an "expert" who basically took the money and ran after building me a crappy website and I was left with no funnel, so you have to be really careful out there. Keep Trina in your corner as you navigate. I HIGHLY recommend her!"

    — Jenifer Narragon
    Free Email Marketing Training 2

    "I connected with Trina because I was completely clueless in regards to setting up my MailChimp Campaign. With Trina's kind guidance and amazing talent, it was set up in no time and more importantly, I now have a much better understanding of the process.

    I highly recommend Trina for automation and marketing."

    Free Email Marketing Training 3

    "I wanted to learn how to update my own website so I hired Trina to teach me how to transform it into something I was proud of.  During our sessions, I learned a lot! Everything from using a page builder to CSS.

    Trina took the time to explain every detail to me so that I understood, and taught me more in a few hours than I learned searching Google for months."

    Free Email Marketing Training 4

    "Trina is the BOMB! You NEED her! The things she creates for me make me look amazing. Everyone wants to know who created my promotional materials.

    Trina is the BEST person to work with! She gets shit done and handles all the technical details without missing a step."

    Free Email Marketing Training 5

    "Trina worked with my wife's company for several years, and when our web developer vanished, disappearing with all our digital real estate overnight, she worked tirelessly to help both our companies regain control of our domains and our email addresses and getting us back online as fast as possible. We sadly lost our websites in the process, but Trina rebuilt them both better than the originals.

    Trina has been invaluable to our businesses."


    Free Email Marketing Training 6

    "Trina has great expertise in many areas, which gives me great confidence in whatever decisions we make. Her experience and services are of great value as they allow us to do the things we are best at while she looks after the internal processes that help things to run more efficiently and effectively.

    Trina has helped to put systems in place so that our business functions in a more organized and streamlined manner. She helps us maintain continued contact with our customer base, and helps to increase our sales and customer service.

    Trina was an angel sent to me when I so desperately needed one. She is instrumental in our success and so very appreciated. I am grateful to have her as part of our team."

    Free Email Marketing Training 7

    "Trina came highly recommended by a colleague. She is the best! Her knowledge, attention to detail and research skills are amazing, her work ethic is unparalleled!

    My clients frequently comment on the level of professionalism in what Trina creates. She knows what I need even when I have no idea on what comes next or why.

    The services Trina provides add to my bottom line and make me look great! Trust me, you NEED her for your business! You will see soon."

    Happy Light Systems

    Learn a PROVEN Method to Get More Leads and More Sales from ANY Email List 

    FREE Email Marketing training that will show you how to turn your list into a consistent money-making asset.

    On-Demand Replay


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