So you want to learn how to design a WordPress Website that looks like a pro built it...

DIYing is a standard practice in the beginnings of entrepreneurialship. But is it REALLY possible to DIY a WordPress Website that looks like a pro built it?


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I've been offering website audits to DIYers for a while now, and I see the same mistakes over and over and over again:

Over- or underwhelming colour scheme

Poor font choices


Lack of direction & focus

So I took what I was seeing and built a comprehensive course designed specifically for the tenacious DIYers.

In this course, you'll learn:

The process the pros use to design websites

How to craft your value proposition (and what a value proposition is)

How to create a Style Guide for your website (and your business)

How to install & configure WordPress, with recommended settings, themes, and plugins

How to design beautiful & compelling pages

How to make sure your new site is launch-ready


You'll also learn a TON of other things not covered in any other website design courses!

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All you need is a hosting plan and a domain name. I'll teach you everything else, including how to do it all without investing any more money.

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