I have been in digital marketing for a number of years now, and throughout that time, I have come across the end result of slimy marketers more times than I can count.
So many of my clients have come to me in a state of desperation after spending tens of thousands of dollars on dysfunctional websites, pointless sales “funnels” or colorful flyers without focus.
I have been and continue to be thankful for the opportunity to provide a solution and an endpoint to the frustrations for my clients. But when I started listening to the stories and paying attention to how often I was cleaning up other people's messes, I noticed the same things in common among all the people who had been hoodwinked by marketing experts – they were all made immeasurable promises, and they were all confused by the language being used by the person making those promises.
The fact of the matter is that the average person starting a business doesn’t understand most of the marketing terms and lingo that is thrown around so casually by us marketers. And because they’re not understanding the full scope of what is being said to them, it’s easy to just buy into whatever they’re being sold.

If there's one thing a marketer needs to be good at it's closing the sale, so be sure you're paying attention to the language being used to sell you on our services.

This tactic is frustrating to many small business owners and is building a lot of mistrust. I have since made it my goal to educate new business owners on the things they need to know to avoid getting swindled and hopefully redeeming my industry a little bit on the way.

This is Redemption Marketing

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