Terms of Service

Standard business hours are in PST:

Monday               9am       to            4:30pm

Tuesday               9am       to            4:30pm

Wednesday        9am       to           4:30pm

Thursday             9am       to           4:30pm

Friday                    9am       to           4:30pm

Closed all Canadian holidays and daily between 2pm & 3pm

During the above times, Standard Rates as outlined in your Service  or Project Agreement Contract apply to all support and project work.

Outside of the above times, Standard Rates and an Extended Hour Surcharge of 45% may apply to all support and project work.



During Standard Business Hours (outlined above), all communications will be responded to in a timely manner.  Communications received outside of these hours will be responded to the next business day unless emergency dictates otherwise.

To make keeping track of requested tasks easier, all additional tasks must be requested via email. As well, all materials must be emailed. Any other method will not be accepted.

Rates and Fees

Standard Rate – standard rate of service for most projects.                                                        $150.00 CAD per hour

Expert Rate* – for one-on-one training or projects that require specialized expertise (i.e. Infusionsoft, Coding, Compliance, etc.).                $300.00 CAD per hour

*Expert Rate is agreed upon prior to commencement of project. It is NEVER charged without prior knowledge & consent of the Client.

 Rush Rate & Extended Hour Surcharge                                                  45% above the Standard or Expert Rate

Charged on all work required* outside of standard business hours, as well as applied to all support and/or project work needing to be returned on the same day they were supplied to me. This rate will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the onset of support and/or project work it applies to.

*occasionally, my schedule dictates the need to work outside of Standard Business Hours.  During those times, this rate does not apply.


Additional Expenses                                                                                                                                         Cost plus 10%

Some expenses are not included in the standard rate. These additional expenses include, but are not limited to: courier fees, postage, colour printing, stationery, long distance telephone charges, and purchased made on your behalf.

Mileage                                                                                                                                                       $0.65 per kilometer

Charged on any travel done on your behalf, on top of travel time.

Late Document Fee.

Charged when information and documentation for your support and/or project work is not submitted within an amount of time reasonably required to effectively complete the work.  When you say you will have something to me by 1pm, you have effectively booked my time from 1pm .  This is now YOUR time and you are responsible for how you choose to use it.  As a client, it is your responsibility to ensure that I have the information necessary to do the quality of work you will come to expect from me.

It is understandable that people get busy; therefore you will receive one reminder communication from me before this fee goes into effect on your project.  Once it does, this fee will be charged as follows:

$35.00 for the first hour

$17.50 for each additional hour


What is Considered a Rush?

Small projects (2 – 5 hours) that are requested to be done on the same day they are sent to me are considered a Rush project.  Large projects (6 hours +) that are requested with less than 5 business days’ notice are also considered Rush.  All Rush projects are subject to Rush Rates, a non-cancellation clause, and require payment in full prior to starting.


Deposits, Payments & Invoices

A 50% Deposit is required from all clients before the commencement of any project work.  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE after work commences. It will be applied to your total balance at the end of your contract. Smaller projects or support work (under $500 estimate) requires prepayment before work will commence.

Invoices are due upon receipt.  Overdue invoices are subject to a 2% late fee per month, starting at 14 days past due.

Invoices can be paid via e-Transfer to trina@twios.com, or by PayPal. No other forms of payment are currently accepted. Advance notification is required if you intend to pay by PayPal.

There is a $55 charge for all NSF cheques.  The receipt of an NSF cheque will require all future payments to be made via e-Transfer or PayPal, and a change in invoicing practice to require all project work to be pre-paid.

Adequate Notice, Cancellations, and Cancellation Fees

Adequate notice is required if you need to cancel or change your project without fee.  Large projects can be cancelled without fee prior to payment of the deposit.  Once the deposit is received and processed, it is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please keep this in mind when considering the need to cancel your project.

Without notice, all projects are subject to a Cancellation Fee.  This fee is calculated at 50% of time booked for the projects.

There is a non-cancellation policy for all Rush projects.  You will be required to pay for that time regardless of whether the project goes forward.


Client Responsibilities

Client is responsible for the following:

Domain Name(s) selection

  • Some suggestions will be provided, but final decision of domain names is to be selected by the client


  • Colour scheme and font choices are the sole decision of the client.
  • A WordPress theme will be recommended, but the final decision is the responsibility of the client. (*Note: chosen them MUST be responsive and compatible with major browsers)


  • All written content is to be supplied by the client. Written content must be supplied in a digital format compatible with Microsoft Word. Recommended formats are: Microsoft Word, Google Docs Word Processor, or Notepad. If you use Mac Pages, please ensure your file is saved with the .doc or .txt extension.
  • All graphical content is to be supplied by the client. Graphics and images should be high resolution jpeg or png files.
  • Once the build has commenced, requests will be made for images of specific size & resolution for placement in specific locations (i.e. header images, side bars, etc.)

All of the above must be supplied prior to commencement of work. Failure to provide the above in a timely manner will result in the timeline of the project being extended.


Deposits & Payments

Upon acceptance of a proposal, a deposit in the amount of 50% of fees is required prior to the commencement of any work. Deposits are non-refundable once work commences or after the cancellation deadline. The balance is due on the project completion date. All invoices are due upon receipt. A late charge of 5% will be applied to all invoices that go beyond 14 days. Acceptable methods of payment include electronic bank transfer or PayPal. At this time, we do not accept credit cards.

Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com reserves the right to suspend or cancel any client’s access to any portion or all of the client’s website and/or database functionality when payment for services rendered has been returned or refused for any reason. Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com may restrict access without notice should any web development payments not be completed in a timely and agreed to manner. If the web development has been completed, and payment is in arrears for more than 30 days, Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com may completely remove the client’s website.

Scope of Project

If, during the project timeline, new deliverables are added, or time to complete the project is running over the estimated time, it may become necessary to adjust the overall project cost to reflect the extra hours spent. You will be advised if this occurs and available options will be discussed at that time.


It is expected that all information (text and images) relating to the website or project will be provided by yourself or someone you have appointed for the task (unless alternate arrangements have been made). All new content is to be provided in digital format, either via email or in a Text/Word document. Any digital images you provide should be in their original format (scanned at 100%, 150dpi) and uploaded to your client account; they will be adjusted to suit the area they will be placed in for the project.

Any images (such as stock photos), software or otherwise that need to be purchased on your behalf in order to fulfill the deliverables listed above will be considered an expense that will be billed to you. All efforts will be made to ensure you are made aware of any of these added expenses as they arise.


All website content (text and photos supplied by you) is considered client’s property. There will be a copyright notice displayed at the bottom of each page to reflect this. The website design itself is copyright to the theme’s creator and/or Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com and cannot be multiplied across any other domains (websites) or servers without express permission first.

All images, video, audio, text and other content used must be copyright free. Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com retain the right to refuse to use/post copyright material if permission has not been obtained by the copyright owner. Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com will not be held responsible if any unauthorized copyright material is posted on the website.

Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com reserves the right to display a small notice at the bottom of the website that it was developed/designed by Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com, including a link to email or website.

No client shall have access to any proprietary knowledge used by Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com in the course of their business. This includes all software, coding, graphics, SEO, marketing or any other aspect deemed proprietary by Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com and its vendors. All accounts created and used by Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com, even on the behalf of clients, fall under the umbrella of its proprietary domain, unless specified beforehand.

3rd Party Software

In the event your website uses any third party scripts or software applications (either by vendor or open source channel) that were installed in order to meet your requirements, Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com will not be held responsible for any nefarious activity that may happen as a result of a software/script security breach by unknown hackers and harmful scripts.

Note: It is the responsibility of the site owner to ensure all software and scripts are maintained through upgrades, service packs and security fixes by either instructing Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com to perform such tasks at regular intervals or performing themselves so as to avoid harmful uses of your website server space. Trina Waller and TrinaWaller.com will advise you of the scripts that are used from a 3rd party vendor or open source channel.


Certain design principles and writing styles are unique to the web environment. While every effort will be made to comply with all of the client’s design requests, there may be times that it is necessary for our knowledge and expertise to supersede the client’s requests in order to maintain the integrity of the site. At these times, a thorough explanation will be given so that the client can understand why these measures were taken.

Proposals are based on an estimated number of hours it should take to complete such a project. Any time invested above and beyond this estimate of hours will be billed at the hourly rate mentioned above. Whenever possible, adequate notice will be given when the maximum time allotment is being approached. We will make every effort to work within the guidelines of the agreement and if the need arises, notification of the extra billable time will be made promptly.